About Us

4-5-6 Chevy Trucks LLC specializes in all things related to '60-'66 Chevy & GMC trucks, Panels & Suburbans, exclusively!  We specialties include frame-off restorations, restoration services, make-ready work, convenience upgrades, performance upgrades, flips, re-powering, LS swaps, rust repairs, service, maintenance, panel replacements, used parts, new parts, custom-fabricated parts and technical support.


My name is Tony Smith, owner of 4-5-6 Chevy Trucks LLC.  As with many of the young people of my generation, getting your driver's license was a milestone accomplishment, followed by purchasing your first vehicle.  My romance with the '60-'66 Chevy & GMC trucks, Panels & Suburbans, began in 1980, as I was prospecting my first vehicle.  Since then, I have never purchased or owned a car or anything other than a Chevrolet or GMC truck or SUV.  I purchased my first truck in 1981.  It was a 1965 Chevy C10 long wheel base fleetside.  That truck was my transportation and means of making money, since it doubled as my hauler for our mowing business. MOTOR-N put me through high school, until the transplanted small block 400 gave out.  Just before going to college, I purchased this 1966 Chevy C10 and enrolled in an autobody course in college and gave this one a frame-on restoration in 1986.  She was promptly stolen, dismantled and totaled by the insurance company.  I still have vivid memories and frequent dreams about that '66 Chevy C10 long wheel base, fleet-side truck.


After several years of pursuing other interests and hobbies, I rediscovered my passion for the '60-'66 Chevy & GMC trucks, Panels and Suburbans.  Although construction and building things, has always been a big part of my life, I took the plunge and changed my career path after nearly 25 years in the industry.  I am now following my heart and dreams of doing truck stuff full-time.  I am advancing the cause of the '60-'66 Chevy & GMC trucks, Panels and Suburbans!  If you have this common interest or shared passion, let us help you realize your dream of owning, driving and enjoying your '60-'66 Chevy or GMC truck, Panel or Suburban.


In closing, I have a few brief sayings, I like to use:


"Inch by inch, life's a cinch."


"Doing common things, uncommonly well, brings success."


I hold these sayings closely, in pursuing my passion for '60-'66 Chevy & GMC trucks, Panels & Suburbans and running the business of 4-5-6 Chevy Trucks LLC.  A saying I always heard, but never 100% understood, was "Pursue your passion and you will never work another day in your life."  I now hear and understand that saying!  I am living my passion and my goal is to help others experience theirs, when it comes to '60-'66 Chevy & GMC trucks, Panels & Suburbans.  We all have stories and we would like to hear about your truck journey, so feel free to share your story with us about your '60-'66 Chevy or GMC truck, Panel or Suburban!


"Keep it at 100!"